Today we are incredibly excited to announce that ADR1FT will be a featured launch title for the Oculus Rift™ Virtual Reality headset with a simultaneous PC release via Steam in Q1 2016.

We’ve believed in VR as an integral part of ADR1FT since we built our very 1st prototype. The last year of showing the game and getting it into the hands of the fans and press at events, previews and shows like PAX and E3 have proven to us that ADR1FT and VR are undeniably something very special together.

People are excited about ADR1FT and VR. We want you to know that we are listening.

To be a hand-picked launch title by Oculus is an opportunity of a lifetime for us and we are working closely with Oculus to make sure ADR1FT is the most incredible and unique VR experience possible.

We have a lot of exciting news ahead and we promise ADR1FT will be worth the wait.




Al Nelson

ADR1FT Sound Designer Al Nelson

Sound design is one of the most important elements in ADR1FT. Getting all of the small details just right is absolutely critical to the experience and world we are trying to immerse you in. We want it to be unique, cinematic, emotional and unforgettable. We are going to great lengths to do things differently on this game and create something of the highest quality possible.

In order to achieve this, we went outside the game industry and are excited to announce that Al Nelson of Skywalker Sound will be creating and designing all of the audio on ADR1FT. We will also be recording all ADR1FT audio at Skywalker Sound, located on the world-famous Skywalker Ranch.

From our very first meeting, we had an instant creative and collaborative bond with Al. The film experience he brings to the project is the exact breath of fresh air we were looking for. His excitement and input have already transformed ADR1FT in ways we never expected or imagined and we couldn’t be happier with the results. His audio concepts are influencing every part of the game now and his enthusiasm is infectious.

Al is an award-winning composer/sound designer/sound editor with 20+ years of film and television experience. Some of his credits include:

  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier
  • House of Cards
  • Oblivion
  • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
  • Toy Story 3
  • How To Train Your Dragon 1 & 2
  • Up
  • Wall-E
  • Munich

“Alone in space, surrounded by wreckage, gasping for breath = endless sonic opportunities and some welcome challenges. What’s even more exciting to me is telling a story and presenting emotion with sound. Being invited to collaborate and create so directly with Adam and the team at Three One Zero is a rare opportunity and I’m so excited about where it’s taking us. This is going to be amazing!”

Al’s impressive and extensive list of credits can be found here.

Welcome aboard, Al!



GDC Next 14 Announces “10 Weeks, 3 Guys, 1 Shot: Taking ADR1FT from Concept to Publishing Deal” session.

GDC Next announced the 1st sessions for it’s 2014 conference in the great city of Los Angeles, which includes a Production Track session by Adam Orth, Omar Aziz  (Three One Zero) and Hogarth de la Plante of (Red Accent) titled “10 Weeks, 3 Guys, 1 Shot: Taking ADR1FT from Concept to Publishing Deal”.

From GDC Next’s official site:

“Three One Zero founders Adam Orth, Omar Aziz and independent artist Hogarth de la Plante will go in-depth into the unorthodox development process that took Three One Zero’s current game project “ADR1FT” from a concept on paper to a unique game/VR prototype to a publishing deal with 505 Games in the span of 5 months. Orth, Aziz and de la Plante will detail the goals they set at the beginning of the process, how they achieved them and share everything they learned in-between to illuminate and inspire other developers to take a chance on making their dream a reality.”

GDC Next will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center November 3-4 2014.


ADR1FT Technical Artist Dave Flamburis

We’ve been really lucky and fortunate to be able to work with world-class developers on ADR1FT. Our Technical Artist Dave Flamburis is no exception. Dave is a long time industry veteran based in Boston, MA and has worked on many great titles.  On ADR1FT, he is handling our visual effects, materials and lighting. He is also doing some really amazing work on our Earth model, as seen here in some very early, work-in-progress screenshots from the Unreal 4 editor. 

Having someone of Dave’s experience on our team is really helping us achieve things we thought might be impossible. Of course, what Dave is now realizing is that every time he achieves something great, it opens up a slot for another impossible idea from us 🙂

If you are interested in learning more about Dave, check out his website.

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EarthShots_061814_003 EarthShots_061814_004 EarthShots_061814_002

ADR1FT Concept Interior Garden

ADR1FT Concept Artist Oscar Cafaro

We’ve been working very hard on ADR1FT and while we aren’t ready to show the world what we are making yet, we did want to reveal a glimpse of our current progress through the eyes of our wonderful and talented concept artist Oscar Cafaro.

Oscar has been critical in helping us define visual style, tone and environment space. We spent a lot of time carefully choosing the right concept artist for this game and we couldn’t be more happy to be working with Oscar. From the very beginning, he has clearly understood the vision of the game and has really added something magical. A perfect marriage.

More of Oscar’s work can be seen on his website.

Thanks Oscar!

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ADR1FT Concept Interior Garden



ADR1FT E3 2014 Poster

We’re very excited to unveil the E3 2014 ADR1FT poster. The piece was done by graphic designer Richard Smykowski (www.smyko.com) and is the artist’s interpretation of the original inspiration piece Adam Orth created to visualize the game concept:

“For me, I need a visual north star at the beginning of a project to guide and inspire my creative process. As I’m not an artist, this usually involves taking a few inspirational images from the internet, a font or even a title and quickly creating a single image that encompasses and expresses the idea. Once I have that, everything flows and originates from that piece. With ADR1FT, I knew exactly what I wanted and it was very easy to achieve. I probably spent 15 minutes total on the entire piece. Up until today, that piece has been the driving force behind the game and it’s development. Now, we have something even better that we’re proud to share with the world.”

If you are attending E3, stop by the 505 Games booth. There will be a limited number of postcard-sized versions available.

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