Three One Zero Profile


Our good friends and partners at Oculus stopped by our studio last month with a camera crew to get to know us better, dive into the genesis and development of our VR FPX ADR1FT and to find out about the challenges we faced building a game experience for the groundbreaking virtual reality technology driving the Oculus Rift.

If you haven’t tried ADR1FT or the Oculus Rift, we recommend checking out this mini-documentary.





ADR1FT E3 2014 Poster

We’re very excited to unveil the E3 2014 ADR1FT poster. The piece was done by graphic designer Richard Smykowski (www.smyko.com) and is the artist’s interpretation of the original inspiration piece Adam Orth created to visualize the game concept:

“For me, I need a visual north star at the beginning of a project to guide and inspire my creative process. As I’m not an artist, this usually involves taking a few inspirational images from the internet, a font or even a title and quickly creating a single image that encompasses and expresses the idea. Once I have that, everything flows and originates from that piece. With ADR1FT, I knew exactly what I wanted and it was very easy to achieve. I probably spent 15 minutes total on the entire piece. Up until today, that piece has been the driving force behind the game and it’s development. Now, we have something even better that we’re proud to share with the world.”

If you are attending E3, stop by the 505 Games booth. There will be a limited number of postcard-sized versions available.

(click image for full-size)