Autodesk GameDev Podcast featuring Adam Orth

The Autodesk game development podcast series latest episode features Three One Zero Creative Director Adam Orth. Adam discusses his creative beginnings in the music industry, his extensive AAA game career, the unique departure from Microsoft that was the genesis that formed the studio and communicating an emotional and transportive story through virtual reality with ADR1FT.

Autodesk GameDev Podcast Episode 16: Adam Orth



ADR1FT Selected as Finalist for Future of StoryTelling Festival

We’re happy to announce that ADR1FT has been selected as a finalist for Future of StoryTelling Fest’s People’s Choice Award.

Please help us out and vote for ADR1FT here!

About Future of StoryTelling Fest:


FoST FEST is a first-of-its-kind exploration of the emerging technologies and methods transforming storytelling as we know it, and the revolution putting you, the audience, at the center of the story. It will bring together leaders from around the world across media, technology and communications with the best creators of immersive storytelling, both digital and analog, to explore how new technologies are shaping storytelling in the digital age. It will feature 75,000 square feet of exhibitions and other programming– including more than 50 hands-on tech demos, VR, AR, interactive installations, panel conversations, 360 films, games, live theater performances, and a multiperson VR Theater.

The full lineup of exhibitions, installations and performances is available at:


ADR1FT Humble Summer Sale

ADR1FT PC is on sale now for $9.99 (50% off) over at the Humble Store!

“ADR1FT brings your childhood dream of being an astronaut to life”


“A gripping, tense experience”



“Deeply Personal”

ADR1FT Humble Store Page




Three One Zero Profile


Our good friends and partners at Oculus stopped by our studio last month with a camera crew to get to know us better, dive into the genesis and development of our VR FPX ADR1FT and to find out about the challenges we faced building a game experience for the groundbreaking virtual reality technology driving the Oculus Rift.

If you haven’t tried ADR1FT or the Oculus Rift, we recommend checking out this mini-documentary.




ADR1FT Vive 02

ADR1FT Vive Update Live


ADR1FT HTC Vive support is now available as a free update for current ADR1FT Steam owners.

ADR1FT is also on sale today as a Steam Daily Deal for $9.99 (50% 0ff). The sale runs from 10am PST – 10am PST.

Vive Motion Control Support:

ADR1FT Vive will have it’s own unique take on motion controls. We’ve assembled a hybrid gamepad/motion control setup onto the Vive Wands that really take ADR1FT to a brand new place. It’s changed the game dramatically (and unexpectedly) into a new immersive and compelling EVA SIM VR Experience:

  • Movement, input-actions and menus are handled on the Vive Wands via pad and button input.
  • Interaction with objects in the world are handled using motion control with the Vive Wands.

ADR1FT Vive Tips:

  • A third launch option has been added to Steam to launch in Steam VR.
  • ADR1FT Vive defaults to motion controls and is intended to be an expert EVA SIM VR experience.
  • This experience requires a light touch and lots of gentle micro-adjusting (much like a flight SIM and much like space).
  • For a casual experience, gamepad control can be accessed through the options menu.
  • We highly recommend completing EVA TRAINING before starting the game. EVA TRAINING provides a safe environment to test and master movement and interaction with the new EVA control scheme.
  • ADR1FT Vive utilizes an auto-lock feature with the Wands to easily highlight, attach, grab and interact with objects floating in the world. Simply dropping your Wand will disengage this system and allow you to interact with different objects within your reach.
  • Activate EVA Reset often to ensure your camera and helmet positions are aligned properly.
  • EVA Stabilize re-orients your position in the world and is a helpful tool during all types of EVA activity.
  • EVA Scan highlights interactive objects in the world and objective waypoints. Scanning each new environment is important and recommended.

We hope you enjoy this new ADR1FT EVA SIM VR experience. For many of us on the team, it’s our favorite way to play.

As always, we’re listening to your feedback and will act on it where and when we can.

– Orthy

ADR1FT Vive 01

ADR1FT Vive Release: 07.28.2016


ADR1FT Vive Release Date:


ADR1FT Vive Price:

Free Steam update to those who currently own ADR1FT.

ADR1FT Vive Details:

  • ADR1FT seated/standing VR experience (no room-scale support)
  • Gamepad support
  • Steam Controller support
  • Motion control support

ADR1FT Motion Control Support:

ADR1FT Vive will have it’s own unique take on motion controls. We’ve assembled a hybrid gamepad/motion control setup onto the Vive Wands that really take ADR1FT to a brand new place. It’s changed the game experience dramatically (and unexpectedly) into a new immersive and compelling EVA SIM:

  • Movement, input-actions and menus are handled on the Vive Wands via pad and button input.
  • Interaction with objects in the world are handled using motion control with the Vive Wands.

We’re having a great time playing ADR1FT this way. Reaching out for oxygen canisters, audio logs, terminals, collectibles, debris etc. with your arms while simultaneously micro-tuning your movement on the Wand pads and managing your oxygen adds an incredible new layer to the game that changes it fundamentally and we think you are really going to love it.

We have some more exciting ADR1FT Vive news coming closer to release date as well.

Thank you for being patient with us. ADR1FT is a labor of love for our small team. We wanted to take the extra time to do this right. Next week, you’ll be able to play ADR1FT 4 very different ways on 4 very different platforms. As developers, that’s a point of pride for us and we’re working hard with the fans and community to listen, learn and act on feedback when and where we can. We want everyone to have the best ADR1FT experience on their chosen platform.

See you in space,

– Orthy

ADR1FT PS4 Tease

ADR1FT PlayStation 4 FAQ

We are so excited to announce that ADR1FT is releasing on PlayStation 4 (Non-VR) via PSN in North America and Europe on July 15th.

From the very beginning, our dream was to release ADR1FT as a PlayStation 4 title. My partner Omar Aziz and I sat in a tiny office at a shared desk in Santa Monica, CA and plotted out exactly how to get to this point. It feels incredible to have finally achieved it. We can’t wait for you to experience the game.

Ahead of the launch, I’ve prepared an ADR1FT FAQ to get everyone up to speed on the game:

What is ADR1FT?

ADR1FT is a non-violent, narrative-driven FPX (first-person experience) where the focus is exploration, environment, narrative and light game mechanics. Our small independent team is made up of veteran AAA game developers. We’ve collectively worked on many AAA shooters, so the idea of making a non-violent FPX was something really exciting to us and a challenge we immersed ourselves in as developers.

What kind of game is ADR1FT?

ADR1FT is hard to categorize, because it has a little bit of a lot of things. There’s action, simulation, exploration, mechanics, objectives, puzzles and storytelling. Mostly, we like to think of ADR1FT as an experience and a meditation revolving around the fantasy of an astronaut in peril.

Many people use the film Gravity as a comparison, but ADR1FT is actually closer to the films 2001: A Space Odyssey and Moon in terms of experience, tone and theme.

What other games is ADR1FT similar to?

If you enjoy games like: Firewatch, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, Gone Home, Dear Esther and Proteus, we think you will appreciate and love ADR1FT.

Is there a trailer for ADR1FT?

Yes, check out what people are saying about ADR1FT.

How much does ADR1FT cost?

ADR1FT will sell for $19.99.

Will there be a physical/retail version of ADR1FT?

ADR1FT is digital PSN only. Currently, there are no plans for physical or retail.

How long is ADR1FT?

An average playthrough of ADR1FT is 4 hours. It can be shorter or longer, depending on the amount of exploring you do.

What is ADR1FT about?

ADR1FT is the story of Commander Alex Oshima who wakes up floating amongst the debris of the destroyed Northstar IV space station with no memory of who she is, no memory of the catastrophic event that took the lives of her crew and a badly damaged EVA suit slowly leaking oxygen.

What do you do in ADR1FT? 

As the only survivor, your goals in ADR1FT are simply to stay alive and get home safely.

You accomplish this by exploring the wreckage of the Northstar IV in zero gravity, searching for oxygen resources, repairing your damaged EVA suit and re-activating the station’s 4 core system mainframes in order to be able to operate and launch the station’s EEV escape craft.

How is the story delivered in ADR1FT?

The narrative in ADR1FT is delivered in 6 unique ways:

  • Audio logs
  • Audio terminals
  • Email terminals
  • Mission Control communications
  • Satellite news broadcasts
  • HAN-IV ADMINISTRA (Northstar IV Computer Assistant)

How is the story told in ADR1FT?

Just like the Northstar IV station, your EVA suit and Alex Oshima herself, the story/narrative in ADR1FT is broken. It’s meant to be discovered randomly as seeds that give you brief glimpses into the lives of Alex and the crew members who did not survive. These seeds allow you grow and create your own version of the story over the universe fiction so that each player has their own unique version of ADR1FT. There is no real, traditional game story structure. It’s messy, incomplete and up to you hunt down as much or as little as you like while exploring the wreckage.

How was ADR1FT created?

ADR1FT was created using Unreal Engine 4.

Are there multiple endings in ADR1FT?


Do your actions in-game affect the outcome of ADR1FT?


What are the gameplay mechanics in ADR1FT?

ADR1FT revolves around the player’s EVA suit and has four main gameplay mechanic/systems:

EVA Propulsion: ADR1FT takes full advantage of zero gravity, physics and the weightlessness of space. Your EVA suit is operated via intuitive controls mapped to the DualShock 4 that allows players to manipulate and move through the environment in 360°.

EVA Oxygen: Your EVA Propulsion system is damaged and uses oxygen as an emergency propulsion resource. Players must carefully monitor and manage their EVA oxygen level via HUD meter in order to utilize life support and propulsion. Many moment-to-moment decisions have to be weighed carefully as using your shared resource affects everything you do.

EVA Repair: As each core mainframe system is brought back online, you are able to repair 4 areas of your EVA suit: Oxygen (overall suit capacity), Propulsion (extra speed boost), Mobility (overall movement speed) and Integrity (oxygen leak repair).

EVA Scan: Allows player to scan the environment for oxygen, objectives, interaction items, narrative elements, repair stations, collectibles and secrets.

Are there multiple gameplay modes in ADR1FT?

Yes. In addition to the single player experience, ADR1FT also features:

EVA Training: An unlimited training environment where players can master the use of their undamaged EVA suit.

EVA FREE: Completing each of the 4 game environments unlocks an unlimited oxygen version of each environment where players can explore stress-free, take and share screenshots and stream their gameplay sessions (please note: PS4 Trophies can’t be earned in EVA FREE).

Are there trophies in ADR1FT?


Who created the music for ADR1FT?

ADR1FT utilizes several well-known classical piano pieces that were performed by Brian Bell of Weezer.

ADR1FT also has several original music pieces composed and performed by Adam Orth.

What can I expect from ADR1FT?

Our goal for ADR1FT is to give you the ultimate astronaut-in-peril fantasy. We want to blow you away with stunning visuals, challenge you with zero-g movement and physics, scare you with the danger of space and most importantly: tell you an emotional story about normal, human characters within a rich, deep universe and fiction.

Where can I learn more about ADR1FT?

Three One Zero (developer)

505 Games (publisher)



ADR1FT launches on PSN July 15th for $19.99. We hope you love it.

Good luck out there, commander…

ADR1FT Screenshot GI 01

ADR1FT Vive Update

Hey everyone, quick update on ADR1FT Vive progress:

Initially, we thought we’d be able to have this out to you before the end of May and obviously, that hasn’t happened. We’ve got the game up and running on the Vive and it’s coming along very nicely, but it needs some additional time and love in order to hone in on the things that make the combination of the Vive and ADR1FT a special VR experience. We want to make sure that we support all of the ways the hardware allows our game to shine, so we’re going to keep working and make sure we deliver something exceptionally cool as soon as possible.

One thing we get asked frequently: “will ADR1FT support the Vive’s motion controllers?”. Yes, we will support them, but in a traditional game controller experience, rather than a full hands/arms motion control experience. We began development on ADR1FT long before we had VR devkits with motion control support and it’s just not possible to retrofit fully-functioning hands and arms into our game. We are working on some unique ways to incorporate motion controls into the ADR1FT Vive experience, though. We’ll keep you updated on those, as well as when we’ll be pushing ADR1FT out to Steam.

ADR1FT Vive:

  • ADR1FT + EVA Free Seated VR experience
  • Vive controller support
  • Steam controller support
  • Gamepad support

Thanks for your patience on this. We’re a tiny dev team working as hard as we can to make great VR experiences. It won’t be long and we think ADR1FT on the Vive will be well worth the wait.


ADR1FT Oculus and Steam Update

Hey everyone,

We’ve been listening to your ADR1FT feedback in the forums and have pushed a significant update to Oculus Home and Steam:

ADR1FT Version:

  • EVA FREE (Explore single levels with unlimited oxygen. Levels unlock once they are completed in the main game experience)
  • Locale Selection in Steam (Right-click ADR1FT app in library and choose Properties/Language)
  • Tunable FOV
  • Additional Monitor Resolutions
  • Music Volume Slider

Thanks for the feedback. We’ll be updating ADR1FT (where we can) regularly based on your comments, so please let us know how we can improve ADR1FT for you.

Enjoy the weekend in space 😉