ADR1FT coming to HTC Vive May 2016


You’ve been asking for ADR1FT to support other HMDs, and today we are excited to announce that ADR1FT is coming to the HTC Vive in May. If you’ve purchased ADR1FT on Steam already, there’s nothing extra you need to do. We will issue an update to the game that makes the game instantly compatible with Vive. Simply launch the game, put your HMD on, and you’ll be playing ADR1FT in glorious VR.

We will continue to inform you as we get closer to launching the HTC Vive compatibility update. Until then, grab a canister of O2 and keep calm.


ADR1FT Release Banner

Purchasing ADR1FT



We’re happy to inform you that we have secured a license from Oculus to allow you to play ADR1FT via Steam using your Oculus Rift. The only requirements are the Oculus Rift 1.3 runtime, an Oculus Rift, and Steam ownership.

Thanks for your patience and enjoy ADR1FT!


Recently, we’ve been made aware of some confusion around purchasing ADR1FT. Our fans and consumers are incredibly important to us and we wanted to provide as much clarity and transparency to you as possible ahead of the March 28th Oculus Rift and Steam release.

Releasing a game on multiple platforms is complex. Releasing a game on an entirely new platform built around entirely new technology multiplies those complexities considerably. We are working closely with Oculus, Steam, iam8bit and our publisher 505 Games to make this process as simple, clean and clear to consumers as possible.

We don’t want you to pay for ADR1FT twice.

Three One Zero would never do that as a business and we would never want that as consumers ourselves. We don’t believe in that as a financial model and it is against our core values as a developer and humans. Servicing the consumer is our #1 priority and we will take every effort to make our consumers happy, no matter what. The platform holders are working out solutions now to avoid this.

Here’s how purchasing ADR1FT is currently set up:

Method 1: Oculus Home Platform

Purchasing ADR1FT via the Oculus Home Platform will allow VR and 2D versions of ADR1FT to be played via Oculus Home. You will be able to seamlessly switch between the VR and 2D versions by simply taking off and putting on the Oculus Rift. It’s ridiculously cool 🙂

Method 2: STEAM

Purchasing ADR1FT via Steam will allow the 2D version to be played via Steam. Steam owners that subsequently purchase an Oculus Rift will be able to redeem a free Oculus Home key to unlock the VR version in Oculus Home*.

Method 3: iam8bit Collector’s Edition

The ADR1FT Collector’s Edition of the game will come with both a Steam key and an Oculus Home key. We realize this was originally confusing and have worked with iam8bit to fix this. We want you to be happy with your purchase. If you’ve already purchased the Collector’s Edition, you will receive an Oculus Home key as well*.

Why doesn’t ADR1FT support Steam VR?

ADR1FT doesn’t currently support Steam VR because we are working with and supporting Oculus and their entry into the marketplace. We’ve been working closely with Oculus for most of the development of ADR1FT and we want to support them as partners because we love them, their hardware and their vision for VR. It is entirely possible that this may change in the future, but we don’t have any information regarding that and it is entirely out of our hands as the software developer. These are decisions for the platform owners to make. We have no say in that whatsoever. Not even invited to the table read.

Is ADR1FT VR Oculus Rift exclusive?


We are working on bringing ADR1FT to other VR platforms. We just aren’t ready to make any announcements about them yet. Soon!

Does ADR1FT support any version of the Oculus Rift?


ADR1FT will only support the consumer release Oculus Rift.

Is ADR1FT coming to consoles?


Playstation 4 and Xbox One release dates will be announced very soon. We are currently working on these versions and they look amazing and play great. We are super-excited for ADR1FT console!

Hey, I saw some asterisks earlier in the post:

Good catch!

*The biggest unknown for us right now is how to get the VR redemption keys to Steam and Collector’s Edition consumers. We are working hard on how to make this simple and easy for everyone and as soon as we know, you will know. Promise.

OK, we got through that!

We hope this clears things up as much as possible. We’ll always be open and transparent with you. Thank you for your enthusiasm and support. See you in space!

– Three One Zero

Keep in touch:

You can always reach us at












iam8bit ADR1FT Collectors Edition


Today we’re excited to announce pre-orders for our exclusive collaboration with iam8bit for the ADR1FT Collectors Edition:

  • ADR1FT Steam Download Code (non-VR): delivered via email before the official 28 March 2016 release date.
  • One 756-Piece ADR1FT Jigsaw Puzzle (30×16): 2 unique designs using exclusive screenshots from ADR1FT housed in a collectible box and suitable for framing.
  • Hardiman Aerospace Mission Patch: replica of fictional ADR1FT Hardiman Aerospace EVA mission patch.
  • Astronaut Ice Cream: a delicious and nostalgic neapolitan flavored-treat.

iam8bit ADR1FT Collectors Edition is limited and available for pre-order now!





If you are press or a blogger or just interested in ADR1FT, we’ve put together an ADR1FT EPK containing all of our approved ADR1FT assets.

If you are writing a story/feature on the game and are looking for additional assets, please contact us through this site and we’ll do our best to assist you.



ADR1FT at Day of the Devs 2015

Our good friends at Double Fine Productions and iam8bit have invited us to show ADR1FT at Day of the Devs on November 7th, 2015.

We are so excited to be selected and be a part of this amazing event. So many great games and great developers. A real celebration of video games. It’s going to be amazing. We’ll be showing ADR1FT in VR and we are working on getting some new gameplay to show as well, so don’t miss it!

Day of the Devs




Today we are incredibly excited to announce that ADR1FT will be a featured launch title for the Oculus Rift™ Virtual Reality headset with a simultaneous PC release via Steam in Q1 2016.

We’ve believed in VR as an integral part of ADR1FT since we built our very 1st prototype. The last year of showing the game and getting it into the hands of the fans and press at events, previews and shows like PAX and E3 have proven to us that ADR1FT and VR are undeniably something very special together.

People are excited about ADR1FT and VR. We want you to know that we are listening.

To be a hand-picked launch title by Oculus is an opportunity of a lifetime for us and we are working closely with Oculus to make sure ADR1FT is the most incredible and unique VR experience possible.

We have a lot of exciting news ahead and we promise ADR1FT will be worth the wait.





E3 2015


Slowly but surely, we are recovering from a whirlwind week in Los Angeles at E3 2015.

As a small team with a small game, it’s very difficult to stand out at this show. The industry pulls out it’s biggest guns for this event (pun intended!) and pumps millions of dollars into making sure it’s games are well-represented as the biggest and most important. Titles like Battlefront, Fallout 4, Call of Duty Black Ops III, Doom, Batman: Arkham Knight, No Man’s Sky, The Last Guardian and Uncharted 4 are all competing to be the biggest game of the year.

Somehow, through the combination of our “Moonlight” trailer and our VR floor demo, ADR1FT managed to make enough of an impression to be noticed and recognized amongst giants and we are thrilled with the results.

Our publisher 505 Games was able to secure us an amazing booth location in the West Hall lobby that allowed us to have big crowds all day long all three days of the show. We showed brand new game content to the public for the 1st time on the Oculus Rift and the crowd reaction was overwhelmingly positive. In addition to positive public reaction, we also received glowing press reviews and 6 E3 nominations, resulting in a few wins, including:

Best VR Experience IGN

Editor’s Choice Polygon

I Like The Way You Move (Best Unreal Physics) Gamesbeat

Through the Looking Glass (New VR Experience) Gamesbeat

Best Adventure Game Neoseeker

Needless to say we are blown away by the support of the fans, our peers and the press. As we move into the last few weeks of development on ADR1FT, this incredible experience is the rocket fuel (pun intended!) will carry us through to the finish line.

Thank you so, so, so much and see everyone in September!