ADR1FT Vive 01

ADR1FT Vive Release: 07.28.2016


ADR1FT Vive Release Date:


ADR1FT Vive Price:

Free Steam update to those who currently own ADR1FT.

ADR1FT Vive Details:

  • ADR1FT seated/standing VR experience (no room-scale support)
  • Gamepad support
  • Steam Controller support
  • Motion control support

ADR1FT Motion Control Support:

ADR1FT Vive will have it’s own unique take on motion controls. We’ve assembled a hybrid gamepad/motion control setup onto the Vive Wands that really take ADR1FT to a brand new place. It’s changed the game experience dramatically (and unexpectedly) into a new immersive and compelling EVA SIM:

  • Movement, input-actions and menus are handled on the Vive Wands via pad and button input.
  • Interaction with objects in the world are handled using motion control with the Vive Wands.

We’re having a great time playing ADR1FT this way. Reaching out for oxygen canisters, audio logs, terminals, collectibles, debris etc. with your arms while simultaneously micro-tuning your movement on the Wand pads and managing your oxygen adds an incredible new layer to the game that changes it fundamentally and we think you are really going to love it.

We have some more exciting ADR1FT Vive news coming closer to release date as well.

Thank you for being patient with us. ADR1FT is a labor of love for our small team. We wanted to take the extra time to do this right. Next week, you’ll be able to play ADR1FT 4 very different ways on 4 very different platforms. As developers, that’s a point of pride for us and we’re working hard with the fans and community to listen, learn and act on feedback when and where we can. We want everyone to have the best ADR1FT experience on their chosen platform.

See you in space,

– Orthy